I’m not even going to try…

…to explain why it’s been such a long time. Let’s just say we’ve been busy. And, there are just so many photos. I’m trying a different way of organizing this year. So, new year, new focus, slightly older baby that doesn’t require so much time. We’ll see. Hopefully you’ll be seeing more of us here. I certainly have a couple very photogenic kids (and several pets too). (more…)

2 Months – Already?!

Lucy is 2 months old today! The past couple of months have passed quickly…so quickly. The past week or so, she’s been smiling at us. And every now and then, she laughs which is magic.

4-2-15 Amelia & Lucy 8wks

4-2-15 Amelia & Lucy (8 weeks)



I know that we’re not supposed to compare our children, but I keep getting asked if Lucy looks like Amelia when she was a baby. Since I wasn’t home much the first couple of weeks of Lucy’s life, I could only go by memory and my first recollection was to say no, for the most part, Amelia had more, darker hair, a rounder face and a very petite body. Lucy, while born earlier and a bit shorter, seemed less fragile and more fair.

Now finally, we’ve been home a while, I’ve had a chance to look back at Amelia’s pictures and I thought I’d show you what I found. They definitely do have similarities I hadn’t noticed before looking at Amelia’s pictures.

Amelia and Lucy at birth.

Amelia and Lucy at birth.


Lucy’s Arrival

Welcome Lucy!

February 2, 2015 – an hour old.

Because I’ve been so studious about posting regularly and consistently to this blog, most (hopefully) know that our Lucille Ann was born on February 2nd (well, at least there’s Facebook). She arrived two weeks early, which was a bit of a surprise. I went into labor sometime during the weekend and by Sunday afternoon (just hours from Superbowl start), I was pretty sure I’d be delivering a baby. She was born Monday morning at 12:41 a.m., weighing 7lbs 4oz and 20″ long. Artie and I got to spend a quiet hour with her before the nurses noticed that her breathing was somewhat labored and fast and then, within a couple more hours she was transferred to the NICU at Eastern Maine Medical Center in Bangor for further testing. Artie and I left Maine Coast Memorial to pick up Amelia, stop by the house and take care of the animals and then head to Bangor to be with her as soon as we could (I had to wait 6 hours after giving birth before I could be discharged). (more…)

A glimpse of #2

Because I am of “advanced maternal age”, I’ve been going for ultrasounds every four weeks, so we’ve had several opportunities to catch a glimpse of our little one on the way. Amelia is wishing for a sister. I think Artie is hoping for a boy. I’m looking forward to either. We’ll find out in February!

Until then, a glimpse (29 weeks):

Baby Ashmore #2

This isn’t a great image as the baby was facing my back. Plus, the baby had his/her hand in its face, so they couldn’t get a good shot of the face. But we did see lots of hair, already!

This image is from my 20 week ultrasound. The baby is smaller and better positioned for a good profile shot.

Baby #2 - 20 weeksJust over two months to go!