Bedtime Reading


I may have rolled my eyes once or twice when Amelia told me last October that she wanted to participate in Peewee Cheering. I admit it. She had the flyer in her hands and she read it to me (why’d we have to go and teach her that trick, anyway?) and said she really wanted to try it. We’ve seen several cheering competitions and she loved the idea of performing in front of people. I have no idea where she got that flair for performing, but we’re supposed to nurture and encourage our children so I signed her up and swallowed my reservations about cheering in general. (more…)

Happy Groundhog Day!

My baby turns one today. The last few days I’ve reflected on what I was doing and feeling one year ago. This weekend we went to the Banff Mountain Film Festival (all three shows) and I will forever be reminded how I spent last year’s Banff weekend quietly laboring. And then, just getting through the Sunday afternoon show before going home to pack and send Amelia to her grandparent’s house so Artie and I could go to the hospital. Artie’s memories are rooted in the fact that we arrived at the hospital about the time the Super Bowl was to start and that he got to witness his second daughter’s birth instead of the game (and the Patriots’ win). And then how scared and stressed we were as Lucy was sent to the NICU in Bangor and the days after, wondering when our lives would return to normal and we’d all get to be home and start being a family of four. She was only in the hospital twelve days, but at the time it seemed each day was a lifetime. (more…)

How Lucy Gets Around

Lucy doesn’t crawl. Matter-of-fact, we weren’t sure if she was ever going to be interested in moving from one spot to another. But suddenly, a few weeks ago (right around 11 months), she figured it out, sort of. She uses a combination of her bottom, hands and one leg to pull herself along. Not very efficient, but she can get through the house on different surfaces just fine. And now, I put her down here and 30 seconds later she’s over there eating cat food. She’s getting stealthy and speedy. She’s gaining strength on her feet too. She’s not quite able to pull herself up (holding on to furniture), but when we hold her hands, she’ll walk all over the place. Or, if we stand her up so she can hold something for balance, she’ll cruise along as far as she can go. Watch out world, she’s coming along!

This video is from last week. I’m coaxing her to come to me. She’s skeptical and would rather eat the dirt out of the boot tray. I cut out a good part of the video where I’m continually telling her to stop touching it. Both of my daughters seem to have a problem with my authority. Good thing they’re cute.

Ugh…the floor! No apologies, but jeesh, someone should vacuum. Lucy is cute though…focus on her and that cute close-fisted wave at the end.

Will You Sponser Amelia?

Amelia is participating in an American Heart Association “Jump Rope For Heart” fundraiser. I’ve been told that they’re learning about heart health and how being active keeps you healthy.

Her personal request to you is below:

They will be jumping on Wednesday, February 10th at school. Last year she participated in a walk-a-thon to raise money (for I forget what) and I can tell you she was a very dedicated walker. The Kindergartners were asked to do at least 10 laps around the field they were walking and Amelia hung in for 17 laps. I was there to encourage her on and she was one stubborn kid. She was the last kid in her class on the field by far.

6-5-15 LCS Walk-a-thon (5)

We’ve set up an AHA Donation Page if you would like to donate to the cause and help her reach her $250 fundraising goal. She also has an envelope and can collect cash or checks from anyone in our area, if you would prefer that. Any amount would be helpful! Thank you!