Happy Groundhog Day!

My baby turns one today. The last few days I’ve reflected on what I was doing and feeling one year ago. This weekend we went to the Banff Mountain Film Festival (all three shows) and I will forever be reminded how I spent last year’s Banff weekend quietly laboring. And then, just getting through the Sunday afternoon show before going home to pack and send Amelia to her grandparent’s house so Artie and I could go to the hospital. Artie’s memories are rooted in the fact that we arrived at the hospital about the time the Super Bowl was to start and that he got to witness his second daughter’s birth instead of the game (and the Patriots’ win). And then how scared and stressed we were as Lucy was sent to the NICU in Bangor and the days after, wondering when our lives would return to normal and we’d all get to be home and start being a family of four. She was only in the hospital twelve days, but at the time it seemed each day was a lifetime.

She came home for good on Valentine’s Day which was ironic because Artie had said that he’d prefer that she not be born on Groundhog’s Day or Valentine’s Day. And then she was born on the former and came home on the latter. He should probably get used to that kind of frustration because if she’s anything like Amelia she’ll do what she wants in her own time.

And now we have a one year old! I’m not sure that’s even possible because for every day in the hospital that seemed a lifetime; every day, week and month of this past year has gone by in a blink of an eye. This has been the fastest year of my life. Really. Never have twelve months seemed to pass so quickly. I’ve been going through all the pictures I took in the past year for our annual family photo album, so I know the year has passed. And I have this relatively giant baby to prove it, but honestly I don’t know how time has passed so quickly.

And here she is. My birthday girl. Amelia is so excited for her and didn’t want to go to school today. Of course, Lucy doesn’t really understand that today is a special day for her. We’re spending it quietly. Artie and Amelia are at work and school. I’m baking a cake. Lucy is napping. We might visit the library to get out for a bit before Amelia gets home from school. Then there’s gymnastics (for Amelia). Home. Dinner. Cake. Singing. A few gifts. We’ll have a party for her this weekend. Ok, I admit, it may be more for us, but there will be more cake and she’ll like that.

My one year old just after getting up this morning, with her birthday balloon.

Happy Birthday Lucy!

11 Months Old (that Tigger is the same size as the Eeyore in the Month 2 photo)

December 6, 2015 - 11 Months Old

10 Months

11.5 12-10-15 Lucy 10 month (22)

11 12-6-15 Amelia & Lucy (151)

9 Months

10 11-6-15 Lucy 9 months (7)

10.5 11-6-15 Lucy 9 months (34)

8 Months

9 10-5-15 Lucy 8 months (4)

7 Months

8 9-3-15 Lucy 7 months (2)

8.5 9-3-15 Lucy 7 months (14)

6 Months

7.5 8-8-15 Lucy Six Months (1)

7.6 8-8-15 Lucy Six Months (15)

7 8-1-15 Amelia & Lucy (20)

5 Months

6 7-4-15 Lucy 5 months (24)

4 Months

5 6-2-15 Lucy 4 months (10)

5.5 6-2-15 Lucy 4 months (28)

5.6 6-2-15 Lucy 4 months (46)

3 Months

4 5-8-15 Lucy 3 months (6)

4.5 5-8-15 Lucy 3 months (24)


2 Months

3.5 4-2-15 Lucy 2 months old (14)

3 4-2-15 Lucy 2 months old (6)


1 Month

2 3-3-15 Amelia & Lucy (3)_crop

Day 1

1 2-2-15 Lucy's Birthday (4)


Happy Birthday Lucy Ann! We love you to pieces. Albeit quick, it’s been a great year.

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