How Lucy Gets Around

Lucy doesn’t crawl. Matter-of-fact, we weren’t sure if she was ever going to be interested in moving from one spot to another. But suddenly, a few weeks ago (right around 11 months), she figured it out, sort of. She uses a combination of her bottom, hands and one leg to pull herself along. Not very efficient, but she can get through the house on different surfaces just fine. And now, I put her down here and 30 seconds later she’s over there eating cat food. She’s getting stealthy and speedy. She’s gaining strength on her feet too. She’s not quite able to pull herself up (holding on to furniture), but when we hold her hands, she’ll walk all over the place. Or, if we stand her up so she can hold something for balance, she’ll cruise along as far as she can go. Watch out world, she’s coming along!

This video is from last week. I’m coaxing her to come to me. She’s skeptical and would rather eat the dirt out of the boot tray. I cut out a good part of the video where I’m continually telling her to stop touching it. Both of my daughters seem to have a problem with my authority. Good thing they’re cute.

Ugh…the floor! No apologies, but jeesh, someone should vacuum. Lucy is cute though…focus on her and that cute close-fisted wave at the end.

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