I’m not even going to try…

…to explain why it’s been such a long time. Let’s just say we’ve been busy. And, there are just so many photos. I’m trying a different way of organizing this year. So, new year, new focus, slightly older baby that doesn’t require so much time. We’ll see. Hopefully you’ll be seeing more of us here. I certainly have a couple very photogenic kids (and several pets too).

To get you up to date…Amelia is almost 6 1/2 and in the 1st grade. She likes reading, gymnastics and is currently involved in Peewee Cheering. She just lost her first tooth last week. The tooth fairy brought her two $1 coins. For some reason she was hoping for a $100 bill (I think because she just wants one). Either that or she has wealthy friends.1-14-16 Amelia

Lucy is 11 1/2 months. She’s a sunshiny baby with a great smile (currently toothless). She’s involved in roving around the house and getting into anything she can reach.


Oh, and we have a new pet, a 4 month old kitten Amelia named Twinkle. Artie and I adopted her for Amelia just before Christmas. She’s a very sweet kitten, but naughty. I call her “naughty cat”. She likes being high (i.e. on counters and tables) and loves people food (to a fault). We’ll be entering her into kitten etiquette boot camp shortly.


Katie (Cooper and Asia) haven’t changed a bit. Well, except her chin is getting whiter. Her favorite place to be is sitting out in the snow. Happy winter, Katie. You’re about the only one enjoying it (and Amelia).


One of Artie’s current projects is working on a tree house for Amelia (and now Lucy). Who doesn’t build a tree house in January? We’re hoping it’s finished before Amelia hits puberty so that we can send her out to live in it.Tree House

And we have more chickens…11 hens and a new rooster I’ve named Charles. He’s very regal. He likes to think that he’s keeping everyone in line (including me and some of our guests). But mainly the girls just run from him and let him think he’s the boss. Although I am a bit surprised Amelia hasn’t asked more about the birds and the bees considering the amount of “nature” we have going on in our yard. All in good time, I suppose.


So that’s it. You’re pretty much caught up. Going forward I’ll try to share more of the details! Happy New Year!


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