I know that we’re not supposed to compare our children, but I keep getting asked if Lucy looks like Amelia when she was a baby. Since I wasn’t home much the first couple of weeks of Lucy’s life, I could only go by memory and my first recollection was to say no, for the most part, Amelia had more, darker hair, a rounder face and a very petite body. Lucy, while born earlier and a bit shorter, seemed less fragile and more fair.

Now finally, we’ve been home a while, I’ve had a chance to look back at Amelia’s pictures and I thought I’d show you what I found. They definitely do have similarities I hadn’t noticed before looking at Amelia’s pictures.

Amelia and Lucy at birth.

Amelia and Lucy at birth.

First, I have to note that based on the serial number on the scale, it’s the exact same one. I think that’s kind of cool. If I recall correctly, Amelia’s picture was taken fairly soon after birth, while Lucy’s was at least an hour after. To me, they don’t look all that similar here, but a while after birth, they definitely look more so:

Birth comparison2

Amelia’s picture was taken with an hour or so of birth and Lucy’s was several hours. I see a resemblance in their eyes and noses. I’m not sure if at this point in Lucy’s life, jaundice was giving her that nice healthy-looking glow.

And, because I had a little extra time this morning, here are “older” comparisons. You can form your own opinion. For me, I just can’t believe how cute my kids are. 😉

Comparison by age


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