Taking a moment to show off

In the past couple of months, Amelia’s interest in reading, writing (and math) has really blossomed. She’s always loved books and being read to, but at some point in the near past, she’s been more interested in being the one doing the reading and writing. And it’s so much fun to watch her figure things out!

I’ve been getting 2-3 Learn-to-Read books from the library whenever we go and they’re usually the first ones she wants to get into when we get home. We sit together and she carefully sounds out each word until she gets through the book. And then she’ll read it over and over until she pretty much has it memorized. In the video below, it obviously isn’t the first time she’s read the story, but she figured out most of the words by herself just a couple days before. I’m very proud of her (but I’m her mama and I’m supposed to be)!

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