A Few More From Halloween

A couple days before the big day, we carved pumpkins. Amelia had fun designing them…well, the first one at least. Then she wanted to do the rest with the exact same design. We worked together to come up with some unique designs. Artie “carved” the big pumpkins. The small pumpkins came out of our garden. Amelia and I actually painted them last week, then decided to try carving a couple. They were quick and easy (the best kind).


Keeping a watchful eye.




Helping to clean out her pumpkin.

And the final products:



She just wanted to play with the flashlight.

And this last one was from Halloween. It got left out of the previous post. Here is Amelia and her haul:

Lots of candy!

Lots of candy!

2 thoughts on “A Few More From Halloween

    • It sure is. Most of it came from the party we went to since she only trick-or-treated at 3 houses. She didn’t get most of it. We saved a few pieces which we keep on a bucket on top of the refrigerator. For the most part she’s forgotten about it. So far, she’s asked for a piece of candy twice since Halloween.

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