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My blog has been very lonely. Poor blog. I haven’t given it much attention lately. Perhaps you’ve noticed. Once again, I have such a backlog of photos that I don’t know where to begin. Do I start where I left off (in June) and go consecutively from there? Or perhaps, start at the present and then work my way back while throwing in some recent stuff to keep things current? Decisions, decisions.

Actually, I started by naming all the photos and videos and sorting them into folders. 47GB amounting to over 5000 photos and videos. Since June. Don’t worry, only a very tiny fraction will end up here. Because that’s a whole lot of Amelia photos…even for me!

However I get things posted, you should see a lot more activity here. I know, I know. I keep saying that. But, I really do have lots of material. I just need to get to processing.

Since it was just yesterday, I’ll start with Halloween. Amelia dressed up as Chris Kratt. I would love to take a poll right now to see how many people (of the 3 of you who will read this) just said, “Huh? Who?” I thought last year was bad when she dressed as Super Why. A few people had heard of him. Chris Kratt, along with his brother Martin are the stars of the show “Wild Kratts” on PBS. (I bet if I started letting her watch Nickelodeon, everyone would recognize next year’s costume!)  Wild Kratts is a biology/ecology based cartoon where the brothers save animals either from a bad situation or usually from the villain Gourmand. Each show focuses on one or two animals and their creature powers. The cool thing about Chris and Martin is that their support team, headed by Aviva, invent creature power suits and other gadgets that allow the brothers to have the creature powers of the animal they’re focusing on in the show. Amelia wanted the creature power suit.

Chris & Martin Kratts - Wild Kratts, PBS

Martin & Chris

She’s enjoyed watching this show for several months now. After briefly wanting to be Superman (not Superwoman or Supergirl), and even more briefly wanting to be a princess, she settled on Chris Kratt for Halloween. I’m not sure how it came to be, but she always pretends to be Chris and Artie is always Martin. It’s gotten so that she addresses Artie as Martin much of the time, even in public which is super confusing for those hearing her exclaim, “Hi Martin!” when she sees Artie. We get a kick out of it.

I wasn’t as good at photo-documenting how I put together her costume this year probably because it was so easy. She wore tan pants and a green fleece. I removed the sleeves from a black t-shirt I had cut mid-belly and then glued the green felt pieces on the shoulders, sides and smaller circles in front. I sewed together a double pocket for the large circle, so that she could display her chosen creature power disk and store the others we had made, so she could switch between animal powers. And then I glued that on the front of the shirt. I also got little black gloves, and glued felt circles to each of the fingertips and made her a communicator so that she can always be in touch with Martin (her favorite part of the costume).


She was and still is pretty excited about her costume. We only trick-or-treated at four houses and then headed over to the Elks Club for their Halloween party. We went last year and ever since, she has pointed out the building and asks if we could go again every time we pass it. So, we did. It was a little lame this year (at least for Artie and me), maybe because she’s a little older and probably because there were fewer games and lower attendance. They liberally gave out candy and toys though, and that kept Amelia going. Oddly, they had a face painting station, which I thought totally redundant since there were a lot of painted faces already. But, we stood in line for a half hour at almost 7pm so that Amelia could have her face painted like a jaguar to match her creature disk at that moment.

10-31-13-Amelia2She was thrilled. Too bad we had to go home and she had to go to bed. Too bad I made her wash her face before getting into bed (an hour after getting her face done). And really too bad that the makeup girl used something akin to wax-based, Sharpie-like makeup that only smeared from one area of her face to another when I tried wiping it off. Except the stuff she drew into Amelia’s eyebrows. That just stayed permanently. Fun times. I eventually got most of it off. And good thing for long-ish bangs.


All-in-all, she had a good night. She brought home a lot of candy, which we’ve already hidden from her. And, just like previous years, she’s forgotten about it already. We’ll get rid of a bunch and save a little for when she asks for treats. And, I’m very proud to say that I haven’t had one, not one piece of candy this Halloween season. I can’t say the same for Artie though!

4 thoughts on “Lonely Blog

  1. Awesome blog update and, as always, fantastic photos of you beautiful, adorable, and incredibly imaginative daughter. I am wondering why I always have to play the villain and Amelia plays both Chris and Martin when she is at our house. Oh well.

  2. That costume is really adorable!!! Nice job. But 5000 photos in 5 months??? That’s just crazy. That’s 33 pictures/day on average!!! Naming them all alone would be a full time job. Do you REALLY have 33 unique, excellent, memorable photos from every day of your life?? I’d get rid of duplicates or close-to-duplicates, blurrys, photos of places without people unless really exceptional, etc. and just pick your favorites to name, I think? Otherwise you’ll just get so bogged down in the quantity, you’ll miss out on the quality. That’s my $0.02, anyway. 🙂

    • I don’t take pictures every day. But some days I might take lots, especially when we’re on trips or excursions. I have a system that works pretty well. I name them by date and general subject and keep in folders by month and year. It actually doesn’t take very long to name (select all in a group and rename) or sort. I pull all my favorites into separate “good shots” folders so later I don’t have to go through every single photo when I need something for a photo book, making prints or the website. The bad photos do get deleted. Processing the photos I want to use takes the most time for me (cropping, adjusting color, saving in the appropriate size, etc.). I’ll gladly take your 2 cents any day! 🙂

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