Common Ground Fair

I really have to catch up with posting some of these pictures since the longer I go, the fewer details I remember! I’m getting old, you know.

In late September we went to the Common Ground Fair in Unity, Maine. Artie and I love this fair for its diversity and simplicity. For years now, he has been excited for the day when Amelia would be one of the many children sliding down their back hill on cardboard slabs and this was the year his dream was realized. Thankfully I married a simple man! Not really, but he’s easy to please. We wandered through the Farmer’s Markets and other vendors, the Children’s area, the builder’s displays, ate yummy food and watched the sheep dog demonstration, but it was the hill and the cardboard we were drawn back to on this visit to the fair.

9/23/12: I see this view more and more frequently….her walking away.

9/23/12: Getting ready to go down the hill.

9/23/12: Pretty excited

9/23/12: Going down!

9/23/12: Heading back up.

Evidence that we moved away from the sliding hill for awhile:

9/23/12: I’m pretty sure she was looking for me, but it sure looks like she’s checking out the little boy in the foreground!

9/23/12: Checking out a gourd (or whatever that was).

9/23/12: Big angora bunny.

And then, more sliding photos!

What, you haven’t seen enough sliding photos? Well, keep going, here are some more.

Unfortunately, the last couple of runs ended as tears when she slid down on her face. She had tiny scrapes on both cheeks from falling onto the worn ground. But she’s a tough girl and we still had to pull her away from the hill with the promise that we’d try to go back next year.

And, one more non-sliding photo:

9/23/12: On our way out – watching the free range chickens clean out a greenhouse.

Here’s a video of the action as well:

By the way, did you notice anything different with Artie?! He shaved! Who knew he has such a baby face? One shaving mistake and viola, I get a clean-shaven husband. I’ve only seen him this way one other time, for just a day and then he started growing it back again. Amelia never had seen him without facial hair. We like it!

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