Blue Hill Fair

We have a tradition of going to the Blue Hill Fair every year. Artie has been going most of his life and Amelia’s been four times now. It’s a fun trip on the last official weekend of summer. This year Amelia was finally tall enough to ride the kiddie rides with a parent. She was pretty excited, yet a little apprehensive. She went on several and then we took a break to look at the animals before going back for a few more rides. The one ride she really wanted to go on didn’t allow parents and she was too short. She was bummed, but we were able to entice her with another option ( can’t remember which at this point). I can’t believe this was 6 weeks ago. This fall has been flying by.

I’m off to Miami and South Beach this weekend for a girls’ weekend to celebrate our 40th birthdays. I can’t believe I just wrote that last sentence knowing that it will be published for all to see. I’ve been lucky, since this will be my second trip to warm climes to celebrate this birthday and I still have two months before I actually hit the milestone. So Artie and Amelia are roughing it at home this weekend, with lots of frozen kid food stocked up, Go Diego Go! archived on Netflix and who knows what plans Artie has to keep the weekend going. They’re going to have a good time. And I will too!

See you next week!


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