Amelia Driving

We’ll probably regret this someday, probably sometime in the next ten years. But, for now, it was fun. Our whole trip was fun.

This was last Friday while up north bird hunting. Our campsite is 12 miles off paved road, northeast of Kokadjo and the northern end of Moosehead Lake and we spent lots of time driving these dirt roads exploring and looking for partridge to hunt. While out there, we often let Amelia ride “free” as she calls it since there’s so little traffic and it was fun. We’ve allowed it the last couple of years while camping, although this is the first time she sat on the left side. It looks like we’re going pretty fast down the road, but we really aren’t. Amelia loves to be able to see out the windows for a change. More than driving, she loved sitting on our laps with her head out the window, hair blowing in the wind. We searched and searched for moose but only saw two, both fleetingly and I don’t think Amelia caught either. We did see squirrels, lots of birds (including partridge), a coyote (we think), rabbits and mice.

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