Labor Day Weekend

We started Labor Day weekend on the Thursday before. Robbin, Mark and the kids met us at Dad’s and spent the night before heading home later on Friday. And Jon, Amy and Taylor were there visiting from Maryland, so we got to spend some time with them as well. It was a full weekend of swimming, boating and mischief.

8/31/12: Playing in the water. Taylor, Amelia, Lila and Artie.

Friday ended up being fairly cool and dreary, unfortunately. Robbin got us moving by stacking Dad’s firewood. Actually, I think she was looking for worms for fishing, and then suddenly we were all stacking wood. Weird how that happens. And, ironically, the few worms that they had found prior to wood stacking escaped while we were busy! I think Artie re-found a couple of them. I couldn’t make up such a random story if I tried!

8/31/12: Doing a quick chore.

First she searches for worms by stacking firewood and then she hops into the water to fish! Ok, that’s not fair. I think she’s in there freeing a caught hook. 🙂

8/31/12: I think she was after a caught fishing line. Artie, Lila and Robbin.

Fishing was the activity of the morning, once a few worms were found. Here Mark and Lila tried their luck.

8/31/12: Fishing – Mark & Lila

8/31/12: Watching the action.

I’m not sure if there were any final counts, but I’m pretty sure Tyler was the fishing ace of the day. He caught at least a couple almost as soon as he dropped his line.

8/31/12: Tyler was very good at catching fish.

8/31/12: Waiting for action – Taylor and Tyler

Saturday proved to be much sunnier, although a bit breezy and cool. But hey, it’s now September in Maine and you can feel it in the air. Brother Jon and Sister-in-law Amy make a pretty couple!

9/1/12: Jon & Amy

Whenever we go out in the boat, Katie sits next to me and often leans up against me with her nose in the air. She’s a water dog any way you cut it.

9/1/12: Boating is serious business.

My little water baby. Waiting to get to our destination so she can go swimming.

9/1/12: My little mariner.

9/1/12: Playing in the water on a chilly day – Amelia, Artie and Taylor.

Jon offered to take a picture of us and I’m glad we agreed!

9/1/12: Hey! It’s us!

We had a bit of a scare with Amelia. She was playing in the water with the kids while we adults were on the shore. She got out about shoulder-depth and then stumbled back, where the water was just over her nose. She struggled to catch her balance as Artie jumped in to grab her. No harm done. She was a little shaken but after she was out she was most interested in hearing the story over and over.

9/1/12: A daddy save after a scary moment.

9/1/12: Daddies are the best.

The date on my camera got screwed up, so I’m not sure which days I took the following moon photos. The full moon occurred on August 31, and since it was the second in the month, it was the blue moon. I took a few that night and then more the following night. Very beautiful!

9/1/12: Moon over Cobbossee

Moon over Cobbossee

Once in a blue moon

The last night they were together, before we all left to head home. Taylor and Amelia get along wonderfully and I’m so glad they’re getting to know each other as cousins. This was right before bedtime and they were watching Toy Story together.

9/3/12: Cousins, watching tv before bed.

9/3/12: Cousins watching tv before bed.

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