9-5-12 First Day of Preschool.

Amelia started asking to go to school almost a year ago, way before I even knew that she knew what school was. We started looking into preschools last winter and after visiting the Dirigo Montessori School in Ellsworth this spring, we decided that it was the place for her. Her enthusiasm hasn’t waned  in all this time and I remember wondering last May when we made our decision how she’d be able to wait four whole months for school to start. How do you tell a then two year old that in four months something will happen? Well, time flies and here we are. Last night she chose her outfit and we packed a change of clothes and shoes to leave at school “just in case.” She had a hard time falling asleep after we put her to bed three times. She was so excited! And I suspect, a tad nervous. She gave me a super-big hug on one of our trips back to bed.

9-5-12 First Day of Preschool.

9-5-12 First Day of Preschool with her backpack.

And, this morning, it was the same. As soon as she awoke, she was eager to go. She got dressed and ready in no time and we ended up with plenty of time to spare (for picture taking). She even let me put her hair up in a pony tail without fuss. We had a nice break in the pouring rain while we loaded the car and then got out at school. She ran down the halls, only hindered by the heavy doors she struggled to open. And then we were there.

9-5-12 First Day of Preschool. Looking for her cubby.

We hung her jacket, put away her things and put on her shoes. I pushed the classroom door open and she was off, into the middle of the room, looking this way and that. I heard her teacher say, “Oh!”, surprised that Amelia had yet to look back at Artie and me. After prompting her to say goodbyes, she eagerly came back to us, if only for a second before she was happily walking away again.

9-5-12 First Day of Preschool. Putting on her shoes.

And I didn’t even cry. But, I wanted to.

9/5/12: First Day of Preschool!

Artie and I both went to pick her up and found her at a table with several other children and her teacher who said Amelia eagerly participated, did several different activities and used the words “a joy” and “delightful” in describing her (I knew that already ;). Of course, she didn’t want to leave, but fortunately, only needed a little coaxing to change her shoes and put on her jacket and head back out into the rain with us. I’m thrilled and excited for her in this new adventure!

Off topic the topic slightly – Even if I want to cry I can’t! I made a huge batch of salsa to jar and spent the better part of yesterday chopping tomatoes, onions, green peppers and…hot peppers. Now, almost 24 hours after, I still can’t touch my face without leaving the spot I touched burning, especially if it’s already been dampened by tears. Ugh…did I subconsciously know this yesterday? Probably not…just too lazy to find rubber gloves!

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