We’re back!

After almost two wonderful, but hectic weeks, I’m back to posting. I really meant to post at least a couple short posts, but was never near the computer long enough to do so. I just uploaded 1000+ photos and added them to the couple of hundred I hadn’t been through yet, so we have a lot to catch up on.

Last week we hosted our good friends Robbin and Mark and their kids Tyler and Lila. We had another party so that everyone had a chance to visit with them (and us). At the end of the week, we all headed to Cobbossee to spend some time with my brother Jon and family, as well as my dad. We were sorry to see Robbin and Mark leave Friday, but we hung around camp through Sunday catching up with Jon, Amy and Taylor. Amelia had so much fun spending time with other kids…it was a blast watching them play together. We headed home Sunday and then spent Monday at the Blue Hill Fair, where we had another great day. This is the fourth time Amelia has been to the fair and this time she wanted to go on all the rides. Luckily she just met the 36″ minimum height for most of the kiddie rides, so it was a happy day.

I’m just getting through all the photos, and will be posting soon. I believe we left off with Amelia’s birthday, so I’ll start by posting those photos.

I hope you have enjoyed your last couple weeks of summer as much as we have. Thank you again for your patience and stay tuned for regular posts again.

9/3/12: Petting a calf at the Blue Hill Fair

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