A Break in Our Normal Programming

We have a super busy couple of weeks ahead of us. I’m working on a huge lawn sale here in Lamoine for this Saturday and Sunday. Artie and I have been collecting stuff to get rid of for a couple of years, plus I’ve gone through the whole house reducing clutter. And, I made a trip to mom’s to collect some of her stuff too. I’ve been busy cleaning, collecting, pricing and organizing. We have good friends coming next week for several days, another cookout planned and then hopefully a visit with my brother and his family next weekend.

And then, the following week, Amelia starts preschool. I’m still trying to wrap my head around that. We’ve been discussing this option for her for at least eight months and it’s been four months since we decided to enroll her in the local Montessori school this fall, but as we’re getting closer, I’m starting to wonder if I’m ready. But, it’s not about me, is it? Amelia is ready and so very excited to start going to school. She’ll only be going for three hours, three days a week, so I’ll have a bit of free time on my hands. Of course, everything I’ve planned to take up those 9 hours will take about 20 hours, so I better get myself organized.

Anyway, posts will be lighter, and probably briefer in the next couple of weeks while the last bit of summer dwindles down. But, please stay tuned and I’ll be back in full swing in September.

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