Our cookout photos are below. I don’t do very well documenting our gatherings because I’m too busy, and then it gets too dark for snap shots. We all had a great time. I have been building a burn pile all summer, so the fire was probably the centerpiece of this gathering. Amelia loved having all the kids over…she thinks she’s so popular. Her friends Cami & Maci from Florida were here too, so she even had playmates her age. It’s so much fun to see her play with other kids.


This was soon after Artie got it going.

8/10/12: Just after it was set.


Amelia playing.

8/10/12: Amelia on her swing set.


This is about as high as it got. The wood on the pile had been sitting for a month or longer, so once he started the fire, it burned quickly. There were a few nervous minutes when the lower branches of the nearby tree started to ignite, but luckily the pile burned down quickly.

8/10/12: Pretty tall!


I had also made several large piles of brush out in the woods where I had been clearing, so we had lots of wood to keep the fire going all night. As you can see, it got pretty hot. No roasting marshmallows around this fire…maybe next time!

8/10/12: It was pretty hot…no one hung out very close.


The men seemed to gravitate toward the fire while the women moved between the porch and lawn.

8/10/12: Around the fire.


8/10/12: Glow


Some of the crew. I’m always disappointed that I don’t get more pictures of our friends during these gatherings. Especially since Cori and the kids were here! My bad.

8/10/12: Some of our guests (the rest were up on the porch).







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