Concert on the Lake II

Our wedding anniversary was July 28, and we couldn’t think of a better way to spend it than on the lake. The Cobbosseescontee Yacht Club organizes the concert in Horseshoe Cove on Cobbossee Lake every year. Amelia and I had gone a couple of years ago, but Artie hadn’t been yet. Plus, Amelia wanted to have another opportunity to jump off the boat. We brought a picnic lunch and refreshments and headed out with the rest of the Clark Marine crew in several boats.

The concert was as I remembered it; lots and lots of boats, swimmers, rafts, floats, etc. Unfortunately, we were far enough out that we could barely hear the School Street Band perform. That didn’t stop the party however. Artie, Amelia and Katie (yes, Katie) enjoyed jumping off the back of the party boat repeatedly. Katie hates to be left behind anytime, but especially when there’s swimming involved. We were anchored though, which means she can’t just swim to shore and get out. Artie would hold her to give her a rest, and she figured out the ladder (with some help from us) after a while.

Unfortunately, rain showers moved in before the end of the concert, although I don’t think it was cut short by much. Luckily, we had cover so we weren’t soaked on our ride home. Lots of people started heading out when the rain started, including us. We were about ready anyway.

After naps, the 3 of us (Katie stayed home) went out to Margarita’s in Augusta and had a yummy dinner. After, we went up to the airport and looked for airplanes (which Amelia loves to do, and so do I). A very fun day.

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