At Home

I’ve been meaning to get out and do my annual trip around the yard with the camera and I finally got to it late in July. We’ve had a beautiful summer and for the most part, my flowers and veggies love it. We’ve been battling a huge population of Japanese beetles. I hate, hate, hate them! Artie walks around the yard squishing them in his hands. I walk around w/ a nut can filled with water and drop them in to drown because I can’t stand to squish them. I hate using chemicals to fight them, but have sprayed the green pepper, broccoli and some of the flowers a couple of times. If we don’t keep up with them, they’ll raze whatever plant they’re eating/mating on. Did I mention how much I hate them?!

Aside from the tweedle beetle battle (anyone know the reference?), the yard is looking good. I spent much of July in the woods behind the house. About 50′ back we have a stream, and I’ve been clearing all the small trees and brush to just past our stream. Anything I can fit my branch clippers around goes. So, we have a huge burn pile ready to go. Artie cut down a few of the larger trees one evening, but we have lots to go. We’d like to extend the yard back some, in order to incorporate more space for gardens and hope that by clearing some of the trees, we’ll have more light and perhaps dry out the land back there (it can get really swampy).

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