Weekend on the Lake II

Sunday was another beautiful day and it started out with Desmond and Amelia playing in Grampy’s toy box. Most of the stuff in there has been there since I was a kid, or even earlier. Amelia always goes right to it when we visit. Desmond seems to be taking a liking to it as well.

7/15/12: Playing together in pjs.

7/15/12: Desmond

A nice day for swimming!

7/15/12: Their own party boat.

7/15/12: Playing in the water.

All that swimming and playing made little Desmond hungry.

7/15/12: Feeding Desmond

7/15/12: Peaceful baby.

The Hills: Elizabeth asked me to take a picture, but Desmond decided he wouldn’t cooperate.

7/15/12: Ryan, Elizabeth and a slightly agitated Desmond.

The first words out of Amelia’s mouth after waking up this morning were, “Can we go jump off the boat?” She had to wait until the afternoon for our boat ride and was ready to jump.

7/15/12: Cruisin

And jump she did! First off the rocks at Picnic Rock and then off the back of the boat. Katie came along on this boat ride and also did her share of jumping off the boat and rocks.

7/15/12: Even Katie will jump off the boat.

Just before she jumped, Amelia would scream, “One, two, three! Go Diego Go!” As most of you know, she loves Diego.

7/15/12: More jumping

Katie swam and swam. She was exhausted on our ride home.

7/15/12: She’s ready for a swim.

I tried to get a picture of the both of them jumping, but Katie always hesitates until Artie is in the water. She’s always keeping an eye on her people. Whenever Artie swims under water, Kate will jump in after him and swim circles until he surfaces. She’s a good life guard.

7/15/12: Their synchronized diving could use some work….Katie did jump just after this was taken.

7/15/12: Swimming dog.

On the way home, both Amelia and Desmond got to drive. They both love it, staying very busy steering and pushing all the buttons.

7/15/12: Getting to drive with Grampy

7/15/12: Amelia

My handsome husband.

7/15/12: Artie

7/15/12: Two busy kids…watch out Grampy!

7/15/12: Busy busy.

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