Another Day at the Beach – Reid State Park

7-13-12: Ryan, Amelia, Desmond & Elizabeth exploring a tidal pool.

Elizabeth, Ryan and baby Desmond (he may always be known as baby Desmond to us) came to Maine for a visit mid-July. On their second day here, Amelia and I went to Reid State Park in Georgetown with them and had a wonderful day at the beach. Reid is a wonderful place, with a mile-long beach (and a shorter 1/2 mi one), nice sand, rolling surf, rocky shore which hides tidal pools and is fun to climb and a lagoon which is both calm and (slightly) warmer than the ocean. We parked ourselves on the beach and tested the 59 degree ocean water before Amelia migrated toward the rocks, of course. The tidal pools had lots of tiny organisms, plus snails, shells and other things attractive to a curious 2 year old (and 8 month old).

7-13-12: Exploring

7-13-12: Desmond in Amelia’s sun hat.

7-13-12: Seagull at Reid State Park.

After a while Amelia had to use the rest room so we ended up splitting up for a bit. When we were finished in the bathroom, she wanted to climb to the top of the rocky overlook at the end of the beach. We started up the path, but she decided that she’d rather climb up the face of it. I had to put the camera away to make sure neither of us fell, but it was a lot of fun. When we got to the top, we saw Elizabeth, Ryan and Desmond back on the beach on their towels. And of course, Amelia wanted to be carried back down. Story of my life.

7-13-12: Taking a hike up the hill.

7-13-12: Taking a hike up the hill.

7-13-12: Lil hiker

She wanted to catch a seagull very badly. He kept a safe distance from her.

7-13-12: Thinks she’s going to catch that gull.

When we got back to the beach, we decided to try the lagoon. Amelia wasn’t thrilled with the surf on the regular beach and we were hoping it would be a little warmer and more kid-friendly. Even little Desmond got in the water.

7-13-12: Getting used to the chilly water in the lagoon.

Amelia had no problem going into the lagoon, although it was only around 65. She jumped, splashed and paddled around, until she got a mouthful of that tasty sea water. Oops, I probably should have warned her about that, not that it would have deterred her at all. After a few moments of attempting to scrape the salt off her tongue, she was back at it, this time a little wiser, with her mouth closed.

7-13-12: My fearless daughter, who apparently doesn’t have nerve endings…that water as 65 degrees! Brr.

7-13-12: Her first taste of salt water.

7-13-12: Learned her lesson…better splash with your mouth closed!

7-13-12: Ryan, Desmond & Amelia playing in the water.

We had lunch in a cool, wooded area near the far side of the lagoon and then Amelia and I took a walk before buying an ice cream and then walking back to the beach. Elizabeth, Ryan and Desmond went ahead so Desmond could play in the sand. By mid-afternoon we were all tired, so we headed home for lobsters. A great day!

7-13-12: Back end of the lagoon at Reid State Park.

7-13-12: An after-lunch walk.

7-13-12: In/outlet to the lagoon at Reid State Park.

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