Our Last Day Camping – The Search for Cove

Our last day started out with a yummy breakfast of leftovers cooked over the fire. We had had beef, pork and veggie kebobs the night before along with potatoes. After chopping everything into small pieces, I stir-fried everything and made fried eggs to go on top. Yum. We saw a couple of turtles swimming around our beach. One kept swimming to the edge of the shore, but he was pretty cautious with all of us standing there. Another sat on a log nearby.

7/9/12: Turtle along the shore of our campsite.

Amelia grabbed my camera and wanted to take pictures. So, I showed her how. She’s good at pushing the shutter button, not so good at pointing the camera at a subject. Although, to give her a some credit, the camera is almost too heavy for her to lift out, away from her body. She took pictures of the ground, her foot and attempted pictures of her grandparents, all of which were blurry except the one of Fred Sr., below.

7/9/12: Fred Sr. Taken by Amelia who is obsessed with taking pictures.

7/9/12: Little turtle swimming along the shore near our campsite.

7/9/12: Little turtle swimming along the shore near our campsite.

After breakfast and turtle watching, for some unexplainable reason (she is almost 3, after-all), she stripped all her clothes off and ran naked around the campsite. She used the tent stake hammer as a weapon and banged things with it. I finally had to implement the “hit only trees and and the ground” rule. We wanted to go for a canoe ride before packing, and luckily, we were able to bribe her to get dressed with it.

7/9/12: Getting back to nature.

After getting Amelia dressed, we started off on our last turtle-hunting canoe trip. I wanted to see what they had seen the day before, plus I hadn’t been out yet, so it was my turn. As I mentioned in the last post, Artie and Amelia saw lots of turtles near the outlet of the pond. While out there with Amelia, Artie named the little cove they were in (where they had seen all the turtles) Turtle Cove. Only, Amelia understood his statement to mean, lets name this turtle, Cove. So our trip was spent looking for her turtle, named Cove and ultimately all turtles are now named Cove. Ah, the intricacies of language!

So off we went in the canoe.

7/9/12: Turtles in Turtle Cove…or is it Cove the turtle on a log?

7/9/12: Turtle in the sun.

7/9/12: Pond lily.

7/9/12: Another turtle. He didn’t move until we were within reach.

7/9/12: Turtle.

7/9/12: Our site is at the very end.

Back near the campsite, we decided to check a marshy area near the inlet and this is where we found this little guy. Artie was quick enough to pick him off the log he was sunning himself upon. Amelia was hesitant at first, but quickly warmed up to the idea of holding him. After we all had our turn, Amelia held him in the water until he swam off.

7/9/12: So, maybe this is Cove the turtle.

7/9/12: Cove

7/9/12: Amelia holding Cove. She was pretty interested in him.

7/9/12: Now what do I do with it?

When we got back, everyone except Amelia focused on packing. She laid in the shade with Peter and dozed. We had a nice weekend of walking, canoeing and swimming and all that activity had finally caught up with her.

7/9/12: Laying in the shade while we pack. We all kind of wanted to lay there with her.

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