Camping Day 3 – Relaxing, Canoeing and a Hike

Sunday, our third day, was spent relaxing. We stayed near the campsite and explored, both on land and on the pond. The first order of business was checking on our snake. We were surprised to see three snakes in the rocks. I don’t think I got a picture of all three, but here are two of them, although it looks like it’s just one. We built a fire for breakfast and they stayed. It got hot in the afternoon, in the blazing sun, and they still stayed. It wasn’t until the evening when they vacated one after the other, although one, the original, I think did come back for the night.

7/8/12: Two snakes in the rocks.

7/8/12: Marg throwing the ball for Katie.

7/8/12: A brief moment of rest.

Artie and Amelia went for another canoe ride to look for turtles. This time they went across the pond to the outlet.

7/8/12: Artie and Amelia off to search for turtles.

7/8/12: Here turtle, turtle!

7/8/12: Any down there?

7/8/12: Amelia and Artie in the canoe.

And, while they were gone, I got up close and personal with our snakes.

7/8/12: Snake – closeup

7/8/12: Another snake.

When they got back, they were still looking for turtles from the shore. Their search on the other side of the pond had proved fruitful. Artie said they saw at least a dozen smaller painted turtles plus one huge snapping turtle sunning himself atop a beaver dam. Pretty exciting stuff. When they got back, we started noticing them swimming in the water and poking their heads out of the water along the shore.

7/8/12: Looking for turtles with the binoculars.

7/8/12: Marg relaxing.

7/8/12: Can you see me now?

Artie, Amelia and I took a walk along the path that cuts through our site and continues along the shore until it narrows and goes deeper into the woods. Along the way, we saw lots of moose droppings and by the time we headed back, Amelia could find and identify it. (We’re so proud!)

7/8/12: Moose poo.

Once the path moved away from the pond, it narrowed into almost nothing. We bushwhacked our way through for awhile, until Amelia got tired of climbing through trees and bushes. Artie and I had to remind ourselves that it must have been like walking through an untamed jungle for her since she’s still just under 3 feet tall. She was a trooper and walked herself for the most part. We carried her through the thickest parts to help her along. Now, lest you think that we’re meanies for dragging our 35 month old through the wilderness, let me just say that she LOVES it. She loves pretending that she’s an explorer finding animals or clues (or whatever she’s imagining at the moment). Artie started showing her different trees and she just can’t get enough details. Finding the moose droppings and seeing tracks made her day. It’s really exciting for us to see her so excited about her environment.

7/8/12: Taking a walk near the pond.

7/8/12: Taking a walk, where everything is giant and taller than you (Amelia).

7/8/12: Walking with Daddy.

7/8/12: Campsite from across the way.

7/8/12: Campsite from across the way.

Having a nectarine after a good walk. Yum!

7/8/12: Mmmm…nectarine!

Coming tomorrow: Our last day – the search for Cove before we head home. Stay tuned!

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