The Debut of Friday Phone Photos

Since my cell phone has a built-in camera, and I generally have it nearby most of the time, I take lots of pictures with it. The problem is that I almost never upload the pictures from the phone to the computer. So, starting today, each Friday I’ll post the decent photos I’ve taken with my phone during the week. This week’s will be photo-heavy, since I’ll include photos from the first half of the year. And, I may also include a few random videos as well, since I have a bunch of them saved. Hope you enjoy, and sorry if you’ve seen some on Facebook already.

A breakdown of this week’s photos:

Number of photos: 71
Number of photos containing Amelia: 52 (73%)
Number of those pictures where Amelia is sleeping: 10 (19%) – This one is for you, Robbin!

You would think that I’m not aware that she sleeps every night, but I am. She’s just so still and cute!

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