Camping Day 2 – Fishing, Swimming, Canoeing and a Snake!

We spent our second day driving the logging roads looking for fishing and swimming spots. We were quite successful at finding the former, not so much the latter. After stopping in Burlington for coffee (for the caffeine-challenged in our group), we moved from stream to stream to fish. Artie and his father did most of the fishing, although Marg put in a couple of times as well. Amelia and I explored the shore and walked in the woods a bit. We really wanted to find a good swimming hole, as it was sunny and warm out. Unfortunately, Middle Oxhead is full of leeches. We noticed this the last time we visited as well as yesterday afternoon while wading. The water was crystal-clear and our beach was shallow and sandy, but after a few minutes of standing there, you could just see the fat, long leeches swim out of their hiding places toward our feet and legs. YUCK. Hence the search for another swimming place. Unfortunately we didn’t really find anything deep enough, although we did have fun wading in one stream we visited.

Artie fishing. He was quite successful, although I can’t remember what he caught. He threw everything back though.

7/7/12: Artie fishing

7/7/12: Our first spot.

Looking over the railing. As usual, she had no fear of falling, so we kept a good eye on her.

7/7/12: Liked throwing rocks into the water. Wanted to jump in.

7/7/12: Fred

7/7/12: Fishing…It’s serious business

7/7/12: Looks like Grandma and Amelia coordinated their outfits!

7/7/12: Swift running…there’s a waterfall just at the first bend.

7/7/12: Still fishing.

We walked about a quarter mile down this road for one of our fishing spots. Going in wasn’t too bad and while we were there, Marg, Amelia and I waded in a stream while Artie and Fred fished. But Amelia’s interest waned on the way back, which happened to be mainly uphill without much shade from the hot sun. Half way back, she staged her protest and insisted on being carried.

7/7/12: A little hike. Just before she rebelled and insisted on being carried the rest of the way.

When we got back to our campsite, we were all hot and tired. Before Katie got in to stir up the leeches, Artie and Amelia braved the waters for a dip. We discovered that we had about 5 minutes before they noticed us and started swimming toward us. We had talked about the leeches with Amelia and tried to downplay their presence and honestly, she was oblivious. Artie got really good at plucking them out of the water and throwing them on shore as they swam towards him. I did make it in for a quick swim too, until I got grossed out, which unfortunately, didn’t take long. Amelia had lots of fun though! The things we do…

7/7/12: Braving the leeches for a swim.

7/7/12: She’s not afraid of leeches.

Grandpa promised Amelia a canoe ride around the pond and made good on it. She had a good time. But, the lack of a nap started wearing on her and by the time they returned she was rubbing her eyes.

7/7/12: Canoeing with grandpa.

7/7/12: Canoeing with grandpa.

7/7/12: Apparently, canoeing is also serious business.

Ah, the snake. We shared the campsite with this snake and a few others. It slid out of the fire ring the first night we were there, into the grass, but headed back into the rocks in the ring the next morning, even though we had a pretty good fire going. The fire ring sat in the sun all day, so I imagine that the rocks stayed nice and warm (in addition to the nearby fire). Two other snakes ended up joining this one, and all three hung out in the rocks almost the entire time we were there. Needless to say, they provided endless entertainment for our little group.

7/7/12: The snake who lives in the fire pit.

7/7/12: The snake who lives in the fire pit.

Coming Monday: Day 3 – A relaxing day with more snakes, canoeing and a hike,. Stay tuned!

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