A Great Camping Trip – Day 1, Getting Settled

The weekend after the Fourth, we headed to Middle Oxhead Pond for a long weekend of camping.

We love this area because it’s only an hour and a half away from home, but quite remote (yet we can get there in the car). We had the pond to ourselves the entire weekend and even got our choice camp site, a first! We even had nice weather, which, if anyone knows me, is a rarity while camping. We camped with Artie’s parents who brought their camper so we even had some of the amenities of home (like the potty). We used our trusty tent, rather than the camper since we’re (Artie) is still working on the truck, which will haul it. This was the first time we’ve tented without a pack’n’play to contain Amelia at night and we didn’t miss it at all. She slept in her sleeping bag on the ground next to us. At bedtime, after s’mores, tooth brushing, and many stories told around the campfire by grandma, I’d take her in, get her situated and wish her good night. She didn’t move until the next morning. Of course the lack of naps and busy days probably helped.

After we got the tent set up, Amelia and Artie took a walk on a path that starts out along the perimeter of the pond (before heading deeper into the woods before dwindling out). Amelia absolutely loves being outdoors and exploring the woods.

7/6/12: Exploring the perimeter of the pond.

7/6/12: Campsite on Middle Oxhead Pond.

Getting ready to go look for turtles on the pond. She was pretty excited.

7/6/12: Excited for her first canoe ride of the year.

7/6/12: Little explorer.

Katie didn’t like being left behind with me. She walked along the shoreline following the canoe (since we wouldn’t let her swim behind it). It’s hard canoeing with her because she likes to lean against the side of the canoe, rather than lay in the middle. Nothing like a 60 lb. counter-balance in a canoe. On the other hand, Katie is definitely in her element out camping. She spent the majority of the time begging us to throw the ball into the water. I’m not sure that she completely dried out the whole weekend!

7/6/12: Happy dog.

7/6/12: Looking for turtles.

Coming tomorrow: fishing, swimming (in leech-infested water), more canoeing and the introduction of the resident snake(s). Stay tuned!

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