Fourth of July

We spent a quiet Independence Day at Dad’s on Cobbossee Lake. It was overcast, and not quite as warm as we were hoping, but we did get in some swimming. We had a cookout with Dad & Gloria and then Artie, Amelia and I watched the fireworks in Winthrop. Last year we missed any fireworks because of fog and bad weather, so this was the first time in two years Amelia had seen any. She seemed to really enjoy them. We found a great place to sit, right on the shore of Maranacook and just in front of where they were lighting them. We bought glow-sticks (instead of the sparklers I briefly considered), which were a big hit. Amelia went to bed with all of them spread around her.

7/4/12: Run! Get out of the water before the sea muskrat gets you!

7/4/12: Swimming with Daddy.

7/4/12: Blowing bubbles.

7/4/12: All aboard the daddy-ride.

7/4/12: At the fireworks. Not a good picture at all, but the best one I have.

2 thoughts on “Fourth of July

  1. Hi Anne…he’s very elusive…I don’t have one of him that day! My bad. I’ll have some in a soon upcoming post though, promise! Thanks for reading.

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