A Day at the Beach

We took advantage of an absolutely beautiful Saturday and headed to the public beach at Beech Hill Pond. The water was quite high, which decreased the size of the beach and made me glad that we parked in the parking lot and walked over from there instead of from camp which requires some rock hopping over the water. We planned to spend the day and took a picnic lunch, which Amelia loves. She’d eat outside every day if possible, which she often does. It was sunny, warm and best of all, there were lots of people there. Amelia made friends with two kids in particular and briefly played with a few older kids as well. Although it was very refreshing on this warm day, I thought the water was still a little chilly. Artie argued that it was perfect. Anyway, it was a great way to spend a Saturday together.

6/30/12: Getting into the water.

6/30/12: Artie

6/30/12: She has no problem getting completely wet.

6/30/12: Ducks! There were a few that lingered most of the day, looking for handouts. But not this mama and her babies.

6/30/12: Lounging

6/30/12: Of course we brought Katie!

6/30/12: Picnic PB&J…they always taste better outside.

6/30/12: Thinks she’s going to catch the duck. Would have kept trying if the water hadn’t gotten deeper!

6/30/12: Making friends.

6/30/12: They played with sticks in the sand for the longest time.

6/30/12: Playing together

6/30/12: Amelia

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