Hiking Blue Hill

I had an Amelia-free morning late in June (thanks Deborah!), so Katie and I hiked Blue Hill, in Blue Hill, ME. Having driven by it hundreds of times on my way to and from Brooklin in the past 6 years, I’ve always wanted to get up there and check out the view. My free morning gave me just the opportunity. We started at the Osgood trailhead which wound through the woods in a series of switchbacks up to the summit. We spent 20 minutes there snacking and exploring before heading down the Hayes trail. This was steep and rocky at first, but then came across the meadows below the summit which were nice to walk through with tall grass and lots of blooming wildflowers. We took the South Face trail back to the beginning of the Osgood trail to complete the loop. We were both satisfied and a bit muddy upon return to the car. I would definitely recommend this moderate, but quick hike (we did it in under 2 hours, including our break at the top).

6/25/12: Salt Pond, toward Brooklin.

6/25/12: from Blue Hill

6/25/12: Salt Pond from Blue Hill

6/25/12: My hiking companion.

6/25/12: Blue Hill harbor.

6/25/12: Coming back to check on me.

6/25/12: Blue Hill Fairgrounds

6/25/12: Hayes Trail

6/25/12: Waiting for me.

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