Father’s Day 2012

We spent a quiet Father’s Day out at camp on Beech Hill Pond. Artie did some fishing and Amelia, Katie and I explored the woods for a while. It was sunny, but a bit chilly, so we didn’t even attempt to go swimming. Artie’s parents came by and we grilled and had a yummy lunch. Artie helped his dad put up a flag pole at the top of the hill, near the driveway. Amelia and I gave Artie a pair of SuperSoaker water guns and the best part of the day may have been the war we had between the three of us.

6/17/12: Walking over to the dam.

6/17/12: Happy Katie dog.

6/17/12: Getting things ready.

6/17/12: Our cutie, trying to sit still while Daddy fishes.

6/17/12: Katie is always close by, watching over things.

6/17/12: Enjoying walking back and forth on the narrow dam while I cringe at the thought of her falling in. Needless to say, she didn’t stay up there long!

6/17/12: Flash, watching the action.

6/17/12: Helping Daddy with the worms.

6/17/12: Father’s Day

6/17/12: Happy Father’s Day, Artie!

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