Puddle Jumping

6/4/12: Playing in one of our many puddles.

Our lumpy lawn is a perfect catch basin for rain puddles and in early June, we had lots of rain. Which meant that we had lots of puddles. After a morning of terrorizing me, I finally sent Amelia out with Artie for some fun. I have to admit, I was imagining them jumping into the fairly tame puddles in our driveway, not the pond in our front yard!

6/4/12: Puddle jumping.

Amelia enjoyed jumping up and down and generally getting herself as wet as possible. We watched from a distance.

6/4/12: Puddle jumping.

And, I naively thought that since she was wearing her boots, that she couldn’t get too wet.

6/4/12: Puddle jumping.

But, then Artie got in on the fun and the terms changed a bit.

6/4/12: Puddle jumping.

The puddle jumping must be good if your hair gets wet! And it probably didn’t help that she fell in at least once.

6/4/12: Puddle jumping.

Kids can’t have all the fun….guess he’s not going to be wearing those boots to work after lunch!

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