Day 5 – Freeport

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We had a beautiful day in Freeport. While the port is a taxi ride away from anything, this island was laid back, pretty and very tropical looking. We immediately liked it. Our taxi driver, “Bear” was friendly and informative. He talked politics in general (they were days away from a presidential election) and answered our questions about the area. We were dropped off in Port Lucaya where we found a public beach, a casino (for Scott) and lots of shops. This is where I really wished that I had been able to do some research prior to our trip. We found that the cruise line seemed to heavily endorse and promote specific areas and shops (probably because they get a kickback of some sort). This happened at all three stops. The maps and material they offered us before each port had very limited information, again very geared to getting us to shop at “Carnival Approved” areas. None of us were big shoppers (although gold is really inexpensive here, so they say), and I KNOW that there was more to see. Next time we’ll be better prepared to make the most of these stops.

That night, Artie and I walked around the ship one last time and I took lots of pictures. Late each night we usually ended up watching karaoke. It sounds corny, but most of the performers (other guests) obviously had done it before and were good and at the least entertaining. We of course, stayed in our seats, but again, we enjoyed being out after dark being with each other. We had to make the most of it.

We left the ship fairly early, around 9 am, I think the next day. We headed back to Orlando and visited Disney’s Marketplace that afternoon before driving to Deltona to visit Cori, Joel and the kids. Being at Disney made us miss Amelia terribly and we did a lot of guilt-induced souvenir shopping for her. I did take a few pictures of some really neat Lego creations on my cell phone and they haven’t been downloaded yet. So, sometime in the near future I’ll have to do a post with phone pictures.

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