Day 3 – Our Day at Sea

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Our third day of the cruise was a bust. It was our day at sea and the sea behaved very badly (just ask Nicole). We had lots and lots of rain, 10-12′ swells and tons of wind. We had hoped and planned for a day in the sun, so it was a real bummer when we realized we weren’t going to get that at all. We ended up spending the day exploring the interior of the ship and napping – I call it my most expensive nap ever. We did participate in the formal night that evening and it was fun to dress up and act somewhat mature for a change. Artie and I decided that we really liked our evening sit-down dinners especially because each night they offered something unique that we wouldn’t normally have (they also offered several other choices as well). We had fun trying different foods (and there was a lot of food, all day and night) and enjoyed being served and taken care of. Ten days of not cooking or doing dishes! We did go ahead and buy the Carnival professional pictures of us as a couple and group, with Scott and Nicole. They are scanned, hence the lesser quality and somewhat dorky. I especially like the one of Artie and I clinging to each other like the ship is about to go down and smiling like we’re ok with it.

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