January 2012

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On New Year’s Day we took the dogs (we still had Thor) and went to Acadia for a little walk. We chose a carriage path so that we could use a stroller for Amelia if necessary. At this point, she either wants to push the empty stroller herself or have me carry her, not Artie, ME. So needless to say, this was a very slow activity. The weather was really nice and we did have a good time. And, the dogs loved being out and about.

Artie had the opportunity to come with us to one of the Library’s story times. During the winter, we usually make it every Thursday. We sit in a circle and sing songs, listen to a story and finish with a craft. Amelia’s favorite part is the craft. She loved having her daddy there to help this time.

Plus, Amelia started swimming lessons at the YMCA. She absolutely loved it. Within a class or so, she was jumping into the water all by herself (wearing her bubble). By the end of her lessons in April, we have deflated her bubble to almost empty and we can’t wait to get her into the lakes for some summer swimming!

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